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2013-2014 March 9th Year End Event

Congratulations to all those who bowled at least 5 events throughout the season and have earned an entry into our Year End event this season. To see if you qualified, please click here. If you have not received an entry form, but you see your name on the list, please e-mail Jenn at All 100 bowlers will have a spot for the event, but we still need to know ahead of time if you will be attending. Please text/call/e-mail/Facebook Patti and let her know if you will be attending or not. Those who do not, and show up that day, will still receive a $5 walk-in fee. Also, congrats to those 8 bowlers who attended ALL events held this season. They each will receive a $100 scholarship and a FREE entry into the Year End event. (You must attend the Year End event to receive the $100 scholarship) Hope to see all 100 bowlers next Sunday, March 9th at Landmark Lanes in Peoria!

Pepsi Tournament Information

If you are looking for information on the Illinois State Youth Pepsi tournament, you need to visit All the information you need is posted there on the IL Youth State website. The youth leaders, nor Patti Mauerman, are not associated with this event in any way. All questions should be direct to Steve Lawson, the State Pepsi Director, at Sorry for any confusion this may have caused you.

Event #82 at Illinois Valley Super Bowl Jan. 5th

ATTENTION BOWLERS! This was a very hard decision to make as we have NEVER had to cancel a tournament. Due to the projected snowfall tonight and all day tomorrow, as well as the blizzard like conditions, we had decided it was in the best interest of the tournament staff and bowlers, to cancel the event set for tomorrow, January 5th, at Illinois Valley Super Bowl. All those who made reservations up to today will receive credit for the event still. We ask that you please e-mail or text Patti letting her know you have read our message. Or if you are on Facebook, please like or comment on one the posts. Also contact Patti if you paid ahead and let her know whether you want to move your entry to the last event on February 23rd at Arlington Lanes, or just to shred your check. Once again we do apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, and we hope everyone stays safe and warm tomorrow.

2013-2014 IHSA Waiver Form

Below is a copy of the 2013-2014 IHSA Tournament Waiver form. This specific form has already been signed by Patti. Therefore, it just needs to be filled out by the bowler and then returned to the proper person. You will also need the tournament certification, which is also posted here. If you have any questions about this, please direct them to your high school coach, athletic director or IHSA themselves. We do not have anything to do with this!

Waiver Form

Tournament Certification

Dress Code Issues

First let me say, if ANYONE has an issue with someone else breaking a rule that I, Patti Mauerman as Tournament Director, has not observed or missed during the busy check in process, please bring it to MY ATTENTION immediately and ONLY ME! I am in charge of these events, I run them and it is my responsibility and can't do anything about the problem unless you come to me. Complaints have been made about the understanding of the dress code, so I am going to explain it here and at the tournament this weekend ONE MORE TIME for those who don't understand it from the rules! I don't have time to be the dress code POLICE at these events, nor do I want to have to go to those extremes of making people show me what they are wearing, it's just ridiculous..HOWEVER, it needs to be done so here it goes. DRESS PANTS are just that! Dress pants are NOT YOGA pants from victoria secrets with the words "PINK" on the rear end, they are not two tone colored, they don't have glitter on them and they aren't spandex! They don't have pockets all down the legs such as cargo pants either. A good example would be Dockers or something of that nature, that generally have a button or snap with a zipper for both boys and girls. Now I know that there are some nice pull on dress pants for girls, but they better NOT look like Yoga pants or you will be questioned and maybe asked to change. I know we have not had these issues for quite awhile, but now issues have come up and we have to get everybody on the same page and same set of standards that they would expect from you at Junior Gold. If in doubt, ask or just don't wear it....Thanks and c ya Sunday! - Patti

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