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Singles & Doubles 2016

It's that time of year!!! This year come bowl the Illinois State Singles and Doubles tournament at Cherry Bowl in Rockford IL. Walks in are welcome and we have plenty of openings on 4/23/16 and 4/24/16. Please contact Patti Mauerman at 309-369-3862 for more details or to make reservations!

Location: Cherry Bowl in Rockford, IL
Dates: Saturday April 16th 9am & 1:30pm
Sunday April 17th 9am & 1:30pm
Saturday April 23rd 9am & 1:30pm
Sunday April 24th 9am & 1:30pm
Saturday April 30th 9am & 1:30pm
Sunday May 1st 9am & 1:30pm

Visit the Singles & Doubles 2016 for unofficial standings!

Next Level Bowlers Circuit

The entry form is now available for the inaugural season of the Next Level Bowlers Circuit. All questions can be directed to Patti Mauerman at (309)369-3862, or

Click here for the 2015-2016 entry form.

10 Years of the IL State Scholarship Tour

The Illinois State Scholarship Tour marked it's 10th season with the close of the 2014-2015 season. This youth tour first began in 2005, with just over 50 members during it's inaugural season. That number has now grown to over 300! Since the 2005-2006 season, the Illinois State Scholarship Tour has awarded $366,999.62 in scholarship money to bowlers. These tournament stops have also been some of the nation's top Junior Gold qualifying events, sending over 400 bowlers to the national championships over its 10 year history.

Most recently, tournament director, Patti Mauerman, was featured in an article written by Chad Murphy in Youth Bowling Today, highlighting the success and importance of these events. "We are a big bowling family, and we want to do everything we can to keep kids bowling." Patti and the Illinois State Scholarship Tour will continue it's tradition August 2nd, with the start of the 2015-2016 season at Highland Park Bowl in Moline, IL. All bowlers, age 23 years or younger as of August 1st, are welcomed. For more information on the upcoming season, please visit the 2015-2016 IL State Scholarship Tour link on the left hand side.

Good Luck Junior Gold Bowlers!

On behalf of the officers, staff and volunteers of the Illinois State Scholarship Tour and IL State Youth Leaders, we want to wish each and every one of you good luck at the upcoming USBC Junior Gold Championships held in Chicago, IL from July 11-17, 2015. We know you all have worked hard and it will show on the lanes.

Michael Dertz Jennifer Potts Kylie Frick Blake Reiger Conner Jones
Kyle Flanagan Dana Brandt Mabel Cummins Alex Acosta Haylie Frick
Nate Stubler Abby Ragsdale Rachel Clifton James Menard Danny LaBonte
Eric Ullian Kyra Udziela Ashlyn Burkeybile Matthew LaBonte Trevor White
Nick Binetti Julianna Kowalski Sami Perez Joey Preston George McCoy
Eric Kramer Leah Samuelson Allison Wescott Shaun DesRocher Connor Pula
Brandon Biondo Violet Kirk Elysa Spaccapaniccia Bryce Schmitz Jacob Perry
Brad Behrends Morgan Flaherty Gina Lenoci Zach Lantz Jenna Newton
Zach Singer Sara Klawitter Mackenzie Ullian Nicklaus Eberly Samuel Ritchie
Alex Burchard Brigitte Jacobs Paytynn Kuhns Jakob Newton Maurice Wynn
Kai Devine Jessica Eberly Cassie Bucaro Justin Zinga Ariana Guarino
Tyler Kurcz Felicia Montecinos Jasmine McKeel Logan Zarek
Zach Clifton Erin Heuer Payne Fakler
Joey Reid Brittany Breedlove Erik Snell
Brandon Mooney Veronica Dreyfus Jacob Miner
Tony DeVita Bobbi Buhlman Jesse Alcasid
Mason Lutz Allyson Ware Connor Kottke
Frank Lenoci Brandy Hoglund Jayson Miner
Derek Poole Haley Douglas Billy Schroeder
Daniel Powell Melissa Mutters
Thomas Pappa Emma Wrenn
Sean Mattingly Jessica Schram
Ranzy Collins Amanda Tarlos
Jesse Lopez
Quinton Letts
Alec Tau
Ryan Wilson
Larry Tripamer
Eddie Mendez
Mike Schmitt
Rodney Shaneyfelt
Andrew Wagner
Jake Epstein
Zachary Kotner
Alexander Jensen
Anthony Castaneda
Shayne Thornton

Bowling Workshop

Just a little reminder for those of you attending the Illinois State Youth Tournaments this weekend, March 21/22, in Champaign. Saturday evening from 5pm to 7pm at Western Bowl, Jeff Carter, and Team USA member, Kayla Johnson, will be presenting a special workshop FREE of charge with tips, coaching, demonstrations and MORE! Come hang out with us and learn more about the sport of bowling.

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